Artist: Rick Kauffman
Title: Growing Old Disgracefully

Two years in the making. The much anticipated release "Growing Old Disgracefully". This is a journey through modern day America. "I Can't Take It" is the poster child of this effort. It pretty much sums it all up. "Subprime" is about the death of the real Estate Market and yes, there are even real bagpipes in the solo, played by the great Will Thayer. Frank Mackey blows the Harp all over "I can't Take It" & "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" All other instruments and vocals are yours truly. The song "Over There" is about a little girl in Darfur Africa. I saw her on one of those News Reel shows. "Waiting For You " has a sad story behind it. It's about one of my wife's High School friends. She got married early to a guy and the had a tumultuous life together and in the end they parted. My wife's friend had lost her health and eventually dided of liver failure. Those last days, while she was in a coma, they took her off life support and said she'd be gone within twenty four hours. Three days latter her ex-husband finally came to the hospital and she crossed over with him by her side. It was just like she wouldn't go until she felt his presence one last time. If I have one thing to say about this record, it would be I'm glad it's done.

Touch Me
I Cant Take It
Come & Give Me Some
Safe On The High Ground
Think About You
Everythings Gonna Be All Right
Waiting For You
Over There
Have A Lot Of Fun



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